Dan Hibiki

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Dan's father, Gou Hibiki, was a mixed martial artist and a rival of Sagat. During a tournament battle with the "King of Muay Thai" title on the line, Gou gouged out Sagat's right eye and Sagat retaliated by beating him to death. Dan witnessed the event and swore revenge on Sagat. He sought out Master Gouken for training, but when Gouken learned of Dan's intentions, he was expelled from the dojo. Later, Dan developed his own martial art which used elements from Master Gouken's style and Muay Thai, and called it Saikyo-ryu, "The Strongest Style".

During the events of SFA2, Dan entered the tournament to face Sagat and avenge his father's death. When he encountered Sagat, Dan taunted him, saying he wanted to make Sagat's left eye match his right. Sagat stated that the man who took his eye paid with his life. Angered, Dan called Sagat a murderer. Sagat replied by saying that Dan should join his father, and the fight commenced. Dan managed to win the fight, although it is believed that Sagat let him win because he realized his error, and wanted to prevent Dan from taking the path of vengeance. Satisfied that he finally avenged his father's death, Dan returned to Hong Kong to open his Saikyo-ryu dojo.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Dan was traveling the world in order to promote Saikyo-ryu. He fought in the tournament and won a few battles. During this time period he also met Sakura, and tried to convince her to learn Saikyo-ryu instead of idolizing his former master's student, Ryu. Sakura went along with Dan but was only using him to get closer to Ryu.

In Street Fighter 4, Dan was enraged that he wasn't told about the second World Warrior Tournament. He asked his friend Blanka if the audience was bored to tears since a star like him wasn't there to provide real action. Blanka told Dan that he tried to contact him but Dan hadn't paid his phone bill and it was disconnected. Sakura, still looking for Ryu, asked Dan if he had heard from Ryu (since Dan has claimed that Ryu is an apprentice of his). To keep his image, Dan said that he knows Ken Masters is rumored to be entering the next tournament, which means Ryu will probably be there to. Dan entered the SF4 tournament to spread the popularity of his Saikyo style, but barely earned enough points to qualify as a last-minute entry. In an effort to capitalize on his association with great fighters, he broadcasted a commercial for his Saikyo-ryu dojo. After no one turned up, Sakura pointed out that the commercial didn't contain the dojo's address. Dan screamed and cried for a while after realizing his mistake.
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Street Fighter Alpha

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Page Updated:  June 28th, 2024

If you're looking to show your friends that you truly own them in every aspect of Street Fighter, pick Dan and beat them... that usually does the trick. xD Sporting his badass pink Saikyo Karate Gi, Dan debuted as a clever and straight-up mockery of SNK's Robert Garcia, Yuri Sakazaki and Ryo Sakazaki. (Damn how I miss the mid-late 90's Capcom/SNK feud). Dan is also one of the first comic relief fighting game characters to ever hit the scene, if not the first. Dan's unique spin on the classic "shoto" archetype has always been interesting to see in each game he's appeared in.

With his unmistakable presence, stage music, and vivid personality, Dan makes you forget that he's "just another fighter in a karate uniform". There have been many incarnations of Dan, as he's appeared in quite a few fighting games, but his Street Fighter IV appearance is no doubt his "coolest" and most detailed incarnation to date.. he's just so serious in that game! LOL. Just make sure you're using his authentic Japanese voice, because his English one sucks (IMO). I was surprised to see Dan actually return in SFV... looking forward to seeing what he's been up to these days.

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