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New Details on Street Fighter 6 Avatar Customization, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub, World Tour


Capcom dropped a boatload of new information about Street Fighter 6's various modes today during their Tokyo Game Show presentation. The TGS '22 trailer offers a sneak peek at World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub game modes. In the single-player World Tour mode, players can purchase and collect clothing items to customize their avatar with robust options and a wide variety of gear. They can then join the Battle Hub to play online matches, partake in tournaments, or even play classic Capcom games! Here are the first screenshots of avatar customization and the wide range of options that will be available.


Similar to character customization modes in modern RPGs and open world games, users can fine-tune their custom avatar down to their minute facial features, body type, skin, hair, facial hair, eye color / shape, and more. "Explore the world of Street Fighter 6 and forge your own path as the protagonist. This avatar is an extension of yourself, and travels the path that you set out for it."

Capcom describes Battle Hub as one of the core modes of Street Fighter 6. Battle Hub serves as a social lobby where users can take their avatar to meet up with other players for online battles or tournaments. You can access Fighting Ground online features in the Battle Hub and also check out various shops to purchase new items. In addition to going a few rounds in Street Fighter 6, players can meet up in the Hub's Game Center area and play iconic Capcom classics like Final Fight, Captain Commando, Son Son, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Magic Sword, and more!

As demonstrated in the TGS '22 trailer, players can also battle against each other using their avatars on the streets of Metro City and other locations. Capcom also announced a new mode called Extreme Battle which adds various hazards, unusual rules, and gimmicks to online matches.

In the single player World Tour mode, you'll encounter a variety of veteran Street Fighter characters who will take you under their wing and teach you their style and attacks. As your bond with them grows stronger, you can choose the fighting style that best suits you before entering Battle Hub. You can also master certain "actions" (AKA special moves) from the legends that will allow you to traverse the world and explore even further. World Tour mode is packed with humor and contains all sorts of surprises and mini games, including a bonus stage where you beat up a semi truck and a Final Fight-inspired 2D beat-em-up battle.

On the official site, Capcom confirmed the first destination of World Tour mode is called Buckler Security, a company in Metro City that trains new recruits in security detail. Here, Luke will act as your coach as you sign up for the basic training course, and this is where your story begins. During your travels, you'll face a number of trials and challenges. You'll come across opportunities to prove yourself in street fights, meet legendary fighters, forge bonds and improve your abilities. As you grow stronger, you'll face even stronger opponents.

Once again, below is the full Street Fighter 6 trailer that premiered at the Tokyo Game Show. Esports caster Kosuke Hiraiwa and musician H.E.Demon Kakka were also confirmed for SF6's Real Time Commentary mode. Be sure to watch the commentator trailer as well, as it also shows gameplay of the 4 newly announced characters.


Capcom's official site for Street Fighter 6 was also updated today with the latest information on the game's modes, character storylines and additional screenshots, so head on over there and check it out! Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for updates and more Tokyo Game Show '22 news throughout the weekend!

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