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TEKKEN: Bloodline Netflix Series Preview with Commentary by Katsuhiro Harada


For Geeked Week, Netflix posted a new 2-minute video preview for the upcoming TEKKEN: Bloodline anime series coming to the streaming platform later in 2022. In addition to showing some new scenes from the episodic animated series, the video features some great commentary by none other than TEKKEN series producer Katsuhiro Harada himself. Answering some interview questions from Netflix, Harada-san mentions that parts of TEKKEN's original story have "only been written in words"... until now. These scenes will finally come to light in the Netflix anime adaptation.

Harada continues, "the kind of life Jin Kazama had with his mother, Jun, on Yakushima and what kind of conversations they had," will be revealed for the first time ever in the anime. Humorously, Harada adds, "If Jin Kazama was a real person, the one thing I would say to him is that I'm sorry for always putting you through such awful things."

Harada once again mentions that TEKKEN's storyline is historically the longest-running video game storyline in history. "I think die-hard fans of the series and new viewers as well will discover many new things that will make them say 'So that's what happened!'", Harada adds.


In case you'd like to rewatch it or missed it the first time around, here's a link to watch the original trailer for TEKKEN: Bloodline released back in March 2022. Please stay tuned on Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN: Bloodline news.
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